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"The best trip we have taken in 10 years."

— Todd W, Lake City, FL

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has been designated as one of the top 5 destinations in Traveler's Choice® 2013. Embark in a place filled with excitement, adventures, and relaxation for everyone from its famous theme parks, attractions, spas, golf courses, and night-life, Orlando is for everyone of all ages." From the Magic Kingdom to magical spa treatments, Orlando sparkles with the promise of adventure. Spend a day exploring the world-famous Disney theme parks, giggling with the dolphins at SeaWorld, or screaming your head off on a Universal Studios roller coaster. For a less adrenaline-pumping afternoon, enjoy the quiet natural beauty of the Harry P. Leu Gardens, or enjoy a seaweed scrub at a luxury day spa. Savor fresh and local ingredients at one of Orlando’s James Beard-nominated restaurants."

Fun Facts About Orlando

  • In 2010 over 54 million people visited Orlando for vacation or business, making it one of the largest tourist destinations on Earth.
  • The Greater Orlando area is home to 71 skyscrapers, the tallest of which is the SunTrust Center in downtown Orlando. It stands at 441 feet (134 meters).
  • There are over 2000 lakes in the Greater Orlando area.
  • There are so many awesome attractions in Orlando that it is estimated that it would take the average traveler 67 full days to experience every one.
  • There are over 5000 restaurants in the Greater Orlando area, with more opening up each week.
  • If you ate at a different restaurant for every single meal for an entire year, it would still take you over five years to eat at every restaurant.
  • You'll find the biggest collection of Tiffany glass anywhere in the world at the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art in Winter Park.
  • Orlando’s Wet N’ Wild water park is the first water park in the world. Wet 'n Wild opened in 1977 and it is also one of the few water parks that can stay open 365 days of the year!
  • Each year, 150,000 gallons of slime and 10,000 cream pies are dumped on guests at The Nickelodeon Family Suites.
  • Blue Man Group uses the equivalent of 56,000 rolls of paper during the show each night!
  • Marriott chose Orlando to be the city where they built the world's largest Marriott, a 2,000-room mega-resort called the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center.
  • Famous stars from Orlando includes Rob Thomas and Mandy Moore who grew up in Orlando, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone used to work at Universal Orlando, and Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys was born in Orlando.